Integrated academic studies

Prospective students can enroll the first year of integrated academic studies for medical doctors and dentists if they completed four-year secondary education.

Foreign students can enroll the faculty under the same conditions.

A candidate who apply for the first year of academic studies, should take entrance tests of biology and chemistry.

Studebnts who finish Integrated academic studies receive academic title of a Medical Doctor (MD).

The primary goal of the Faculty of Medica Sciences is to enable students, by providing them with research and education, to apply professional and scientific achievements in the field of prevention, diagnostic and treatment of disease, as well as the promotion of a healthy way of life and the improvement of the overall health protection standards.

By acquiring the academic title of a Medical Doctor, graduates are able to work independently in those sectors of health institutions that demand a higher academic degree.

Five year integrated academic studies are awarded with 300 ECTS

1. Integrated Academic Studies of Medicine Doctor of Medicine
2. Integrated Academic Studeis of Stomatology Doctor of Stomatology
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