Student Parliament

Basic information

Student Parliament of the University of Pristina, temporarily settled in Kosovska Mitrovica is the body of individual faculties and the University as a whole, which aims at implementing rights and protecting vital students' interests. The fact that students are able to participate in an active way is an important starting point toward implementing the Bologna process and successfully carrying out reforms of the higher education system in Serbia. The Parliament chooses and registers student representatives in the bodies of the higher education institution and other places where students are represented. Every registered student has the right to vote for, and to be chosen as a member of the Students’ Parliament. Voting is done anonymously and when students are elected they receive a mandate to serve as a representative of the Students Parliament for a legislative period of one year. The Students Parliament counts 30 members from a total of ten faculties.

Members of the Students Parliament have the right to vote on all questions that concern students, such as the quality of classes and reform processes.


Acting President of the Students Parliament is Milan Savic, a student at the Faculty of Technical Sciences.

Vice-presidents are Slavisa Milosavljevic a student at the Faculty of Teacher Training, and Jovan Aleksic a student at the Faculty of Philosophy.

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