Prospective students can apply for undergraduate studies after successfully completing secondary education. The entry point for prospective students is the beginning of first year undergraduate studies. Undergraduate studies consists of a four year period. Each prospective student must pass an entrance exam for their respective faculty. The test contents are determined by each faculty and specific field of study.  
Enrolment usually takes place on the 1st or 2nd of July with a second application period open during September.

When applying, candidates are obliged to bring documents proving they finished high school and have paid the fee for the entry test. The following documents need to be submitted together with the application form:  
-    Secondary School Certificates for each of the four years
-    Certificate of the successful completion of the final examination (that is necessary to graduate)
-    Proof of payment of the entry test
-    The faculty determines the amount each year of studying costs

Candidates should show their ID card when taking the exam.

If a prospective student receives the required score to pass the exam and they are accepted into the faculty, they should submit the following original documents to complete their official enrolment into the faculty: birth certificate, two application forms, student record-book, two photos, and for self-financed students, proof  of tuition fee payment.

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