Students' standard

Accommodation and Food

The accommodation and food services for students of the University of Pristina, Kosovska Mitrovica is provided by the Student`s Center "Pristina."

To accommodate all 1647 students of the University, the Student`s Center "Pristina" offers nine separate student dormitories that allow students a choice between single and multi-bed rooms.
For accommodation in the dormitories students pay   1430,00 RSD per month for single, double, three-bed, four-bed, five-bed and six-bed rooms of I category, and  1100,00 RSD for single, double, three-bed, four-bed, five-bed and six-bed rooms of II category.

Apart from providing accommodations in student dormitories, the Student Center also offers accommodation to professors, assistants and researchers employed at the University. The fact that students and professors often reside side by side, promotes closer student-professor relationships and a more collegial atmosphere.

The center also offers a student restaurant that provides 2,000 students with a warm meal and snacks on a daily basis. For the convenience of the students, the restaurant is located in close vicinity of the dormitories. To pay, students use Student cards. The students use two Student cards ISIC and EURO26, both cards, which can be used in 38 European countries, opens the door to reductions on cultural activities, shops, transport, eating out and accommodation.

On the University campus students have their choice of several students’ Center: the Cultural Center, Center of Informatics, Sports Center and several libraries. The Student Cultural Center offers students various cultural programmes: literary evenings, concerts, theatrical performances, movie projections, and spiritual evenings.

Students also have a wide choice of different options of private accommodation, e.g. they can rent an apartment from local people for price of between 100 and 200 Euros per month.


For more information visit the site of Student center Pristina

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